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To Begin, Begin


Hi! This is a 5-part series of posts about being brave enough to begin my business and the amazing first year! It originated from my coach, Diane Cunningham Ellis, on her private FB group, Brave Women Network. I’ve just finished my first year of business — and I have disabilities and chronic illnesses — so that’s mostly the kinds of things I chatted about.

I’m a member of Diane’s Inspired Business Inner Circle, and I’ve been hanging around her for somewhere between 7-8 years. It took me until January 2021 to find my brave and to begin. I hope you won’t wait that long!

Making The Dream A Reality

If you have the dream of owning a business, my first suggestion is to just begin. Don’t wait for everything to be “right,” because it never will be. What’s the dream? And what baby steps can you start taking to make it happen?

Your WHY

WHY do you want the business? Be honest. If it’s that you’re tired of having to give up the niceties of life or you’re in a bad marriage or you want some savings, money is a fine reason. If there’s a “greater good” that is driving you, that’s great, too. It’s vital to know your why, because there will be a lot of days you want to throw in the towel. Your WHY gets you through those.


Old equipment, lack of time, no money to get started? Get creative. (This one can be hard, I get that!) But these obstacles and how you react to them can be fantastic learning experiences. They can help to steel your resolve for when you begin to find success in your business — because that’s scary, too!


I want to hear about them. What’s the dream? Where are you in the journey? What’s holding you back? One year and 3 months ago, I did not have a business. I had nearly given up hope for ever being anything other than “less than” and “disabled.” My business hasn’t made my life perfect. It never will. But it does give me joy and satisfaction and a sense of purpose to do my calling, which is helping the helpers.

I want you to have that same satisfaction and fulfillment of purpose! And you can! Please share your dreams, fears, obstacles, hopes…

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