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Take Time To Review

Thank you again for having me, Diane, and you wonderful brave women!

Today’s post/tip is for a time of reflection on your business — and can be applied to life goals as well. I like the idea of a quarterly review, but between you, me and the lamppost, that doesn’t typically happen. I’m currently doing my 2021 year in review!

Re-examine what it is you want from your business and in what priority. Living your purpose? Increasing your income? Impacting causes or lives for good? How have you succeeded? How have you not? How could you do better? For this first year, I’m going with my gut since I have no basis for comparison. In subsequent years, I’ll have more data to do this review — and you probably do, as well, if you’ve been in business multiple years.

Businesses constantly evolve as does life. A static business will die. Reassess the tools you’re paying for — are they helping you or do they just make your workload feel heavier? How does your business need to grow – or diminish for a season while you reboot things? Is it time to hire help so that you can grow bigger? Are your life and business in balance or are you draining one to feed the other?

Dream ahead. At this time next year, what would your “ideal” life look like particularly with regard to work/life balance? Brainstorm ways to achieve those goals. Get creative. Dig into your old work — there are probably helpful ideas hiding in there. Hire a coach to help if you can’t come up with anything. Talk to/network with other entrepreneurs. Take into consideration your other obligations — caregiving, chronic health issues, kiddos at home, vacations you’d like to take.

Be brave. Take this time to build a life that works for you.

You’re worth it and so are the people whom you serve.

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