Testimonials From Happy Clients

Making my clients happy and contributing to their success and well-being is my WHY. I love my job and my clients even more!

I met Shelby B. Ketchen online through my own business coach, Diane Cunningham Ellis, who had hired her and other VA’s to help her. When I contacted her, Shelby was immediately enthusiastic about helping me with some “techie” issues for new programs/services that I am learning this year, Member Vault and Mailer Lite. She is fast, efficient, and knows a wide variety of technical tasks. Hiring Shelby and my other VA to do these tech issues has taken a mountain of stress off of me, allowing me to just focus on pursuing the purpose and calling which God has for me (speaking, writing, training, and traveling). I’m so very thankful that Shelby came across my path this year and highly recommend her professional services.

Shelby Ketchen is an amazing virtual assistant. I can’t believe how quickly and efficiently she works ! Shelby gives great feedback and ideas. She is very reasonably priced as well. I highly recommend working with Shelby . You won’t be disappointed!
Grace UMC, Plant City
Shelby is very good at explaining the basic flow and the procedure for making posts and uploading files and very responsive to our questions and concerns. She keeps us up to date on new requirements and she is very knowledgeable. I feel very confident in her knowledge and skill.
Shelby is a lifesaver. I am grateful to have her as my virtual assistant. She is quick and clear about what she needs and let’s me know when I can expect things to get done. I love the open communication I receive from her. I highly recommend Shelby to help you with the techy stuff to eliminate the frustration so you can focus on what you need to do!
Hope on your Journey

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