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Summer Extravaganza: Content

How Impactful Is Your Content?

If you’re an entrepreneur, would you like a deep dive into your content? A strategic audit that leaves you with a written report of next best steps?

As we listen to the voices in our emails and on our socials, our own messages, in our own voices, get blurred if not lost.

That shows up in our socials. Our blog posts. Our videos. Our courses. Our sales pages.

Here’s one that might be surprising… It shows up in our schedules!

If we’re not hitting our goals because our content is off, then we’re spending more and more time spinning our wheels, changing this and that to try to make it all go the way we think it is supposed to go.

You’re working hard (and long!) with diminishing results.

You are living attached to your phone or laptop so you missed Timmy’s homerun (again) because you were DMing with a potential client.

Vacation? Watched the kids playing the pool while you worked on your laptop changing your sales page – AGAIN.

This can be fixed. Honest.

What A Content Assets Audit Is and What It Does

A content assets audit will let you see where you’re hitting the mark – and where you’re missing it.

In my strategic audit, I look at and for:

– Ways to repurpose your content

– Trends in your writing that might lead in new directions

– Anomalies in your writing related to your audience and content pillars vs who and what you *think* they are

A new set of eyes on your content is great because it’s hard for people to clearly see their own work. At some point, we become almost blind to it.

Does your content represent your best client and the transformations you really want to help them get?

Course Corrections

Once you know you have a problem, you can correct course.

The investment of $299 can save you time, money and effort!

This is a limited offer. I can fill 10 slots.

We’ll start with:

– A 30-minute call to discuss what you hope to accomplish with your audit and you’ll get me access to your text-based material, audio or video

— Then I’ll do a 2-hour review of your material

— Lastly, you’ll get a written report within 5 business days.

Investment: $299

You have the option of setting up a strategy call after you’ve reviewed your report.

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