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Is Your Business Set Up To Survive A Storm? (Literal or Figurative?)

You’ve got a lovely business that you’re as happy as can be with. Things are running along smoothly. Your clients are happy. You’re serving them well and on time.

And then…

• You’re in the cone of uncertainty for a hurricane and need to evacuate.
• A family member becomes ill.
• You need to unexpectedly move 1400 miles away.
• You get sick and can’t really work for a month.

Do these scenarios sound oddly specific?

Three of the four happened to me in a six-month timeframe.

The Storms Don’t Have to Be Dramatic

Are you making quarterly payments to the IRS?
Did you properly file all the paperwork in your state and county to start your business?
Does someone in your family know how to reach your clients (and do your clients know how to reach out to you) if you’re not able to work?
Do you have clear SOPs (standard operating procedures) in place for your team?

Why You Should Stormproof Your Business

I’ve prepared for you a quick checklist of things you can do to begin stormproofing your business.

So that you can have margin.
You can actively care for your clients.
You can honor and steward God’s gift.

It’s not all-inclusive. You need some legal and financial advisors for that. I’ve talked with many entrepreneurs, though, who just never thought of these things. I’m their leader, I’m sorry to say.

My lessons were Hurricane Ian, a move from Florida to Nebraska with just about a week of notice, and Covid that had me down for just about a full month.

What things might happen that could derail your business? Keep your clients from being served well? Keep you from stewarding that with which the Lord has blessed you?

If you’d like to have a quick-start guide on the kinds of things you should consider, please download my free checklist! Even if you’ve covered each item on the list, it is sure to bring other things to mind that you don’t have covered.

And sign up for the Stormproof Your Business Workshop happening on June 19! You can find it here:

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