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Stormproof Your Business Workshop

Will Your Business Survive A Storm?

We’ve all heard the odds on small businesses. The odds are against small businesses surviving the first five years, never mind thriving.

You’re a small business owner and you’re on your way to beating those odds already. You’re a unicorn!

But worry keeps you up in the night.
What if abc happens? Or xyz? Will your business survive?

Or maybe you’re thinking of starting a business, but the people in your life keep quoting the odds and you’re scared. Can you somehow stormproof your business like people stormproof before a hurricane?

YES! You can absolutely stormproof no matter what stage of business you are in.

I’m going to be honest and tell you that you absolutely cannot prepare for every single eventuality. (Wouldn’t that be great?) But you can certainly increase the likelihood that your business will survive all sorts of trouble — things like:

• You failed to set up your business properly because all the rules are so confusing and you just didn’t know what you didn’t know.
• You’re in the cone of uncertainty for a hurricane and need to evacuate.
• A family member becomes ill.
• You need to unexpectedly move 1400 miles away.
• You get sick and can’t really work for a month.
• When you set your prices, you didn’t take taxes and other expenses into account.

Want to know more?

I’m hosting a Stormproof Your Business Workshop!
June 26 at 2 pm ET
includes workshop, workbook and replay!

Why You Should Stormproof Your Business


Your business is a gift from God. It is good stewardship to prepare, as best we can, for any eventualities.

Having a plan in place, and your clients being aware of that, gives them a sense of security and of being cared for.

A good plan with appropriate standard operating procedures (SOPs) cares for our team.

A plan lets us enjoy the sudden gifts life gives us!

The Storms Don’t Have to Be Dramatic (or even bad)

No dramatic disaster scenarios have to be involved. The storms really just have to be disruptive enough that you either lose your confidence in yourself or your clients lose confidence in you. Or, worse, both happen.

How do I know?
Hurricane Ian in September 2022, a rushed move 1400 miles away November 2022, and a month-long fight with Covid March 2023.

The fact is that it took the 1-2-3 punch of those to get me to get really serious about stormproofing — even though God had spoken it to me months ago. It seemed like a lot of work and I was busy and…. Do you ever get like that? You know what you need to do and you just don’t? You think you have tomorrow and tomorrow and … well, the next tomorrow you’re out of commission for whatever reason and you’ve run out of time.

And what about good things that might be disruptive?

What if your favorite cousin, Sally, from the other side of the country decides to fly in for a visit? Don’t you want to be able to see her?

Or you bought the winning raffle ticket for a cruise? (First off, please invite me along.) That’s a disruption — good, but still a disruption. Don’t you want to be able to say YES to these good gifts from our Father?

The Storm Has Arrived.

Attending this workshop and implementing what you learned will help you to have prepared as well as you can.

So that you can have margin.
You can actively care for your clients.
You can honor and steward God’s gift.

The content of the workshop is not all-inclusive. You need some legal and financial advisors for that. I’ve talked with many entrepreneurs, though, who just never thought of these things.

I’m their leader, I’m sorry to say. My lessons were Hurricane Ian, a move from Florida to Nebraska with just about a week of notice, and Covid that had me down for just about a full month.

It is a gift from God that my clients have stuck with me through all of it because I was not prepared.

What things might happen that could derail your business? Keep your clients from being served well? Keep you from stewarding that with which the Lord has blessed you?

Attend the Stormproof Your Business Workshop on Monday, June 26, at 2:00 ET!
Investment: $27 includes the workshop (and the replay) as well as a workbook.

If you’d like to have a quick-start guide on the kinds of things you should consider before we get to the workshop, please download my free checklist! Even if you’ve covered each item on the list, it is sure to bring other things to mind that you don’t have covered.

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