Shiny Object Syndrome

Good morning, Brave Women Networkers! (This post was originally written as part of a takeover week in the Brave Women Network Facebook group.)

Today’s topic is about “Shiny Object Syndrome.” Entrepreneurs — new and seasoned alike — often suffer from “shiny object syndrome,” a/k/a SOS. So do people who have specific goals in their personal lives! SOS is one of the most subtle ways of sabotaging yourself from reaching your goals. (Maybe there should be a 12-step program for that!)

It happens when you get distracted from your chosen path by some tech, product, service, way of doing things that seems like it might get you to your goal faster and easier.

What it really is is a distraction from things that aren’t going like you had hoped. Your business isn’t developing as quickly as you’d like? Try this. Susie Jo in my FB group is doing this and it looks neat! Let’s try it. Mary Kay lost 10 lbs on this diet. I’m going for it.

Learning new things and new ways is good! But only if it will help move you toward your life/biz goal. Otherwise, it might just serve to muddy the waters. I’ve learned to ask myself:
1. Do I need this?
2. Will it solve a problem that I have right now?
3. At this moment in my journey, is there a better use for the time/money I would invest?

So, where in your journey, are you getting tripped up by Shiny Object Syndrome? Is it gizmos and gadgets? Tech? Different methodologies? What do you think is feeding that?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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