Want To Move From Frazzled and Frustrated to Free and Fulfilled?

Know and use your numbers. You will grow your biz!

Do You Know YOUR Numbers? The ones that matter?
Use Relevant Key Performance Indicators To Grow YOUR Biz.


There are many metrics that can make you feel good.
These are vanity metrics and they look pretty but they just don’t do anything for your business.
And — to further complicate things — not all KPIs apply to all businesses in the same way.
Or even in the same season of business.

There are many metrics that are just about vanity.
This is why it’s important for you to know the significant metrics for YOUR business!

  1. Does growing your biz feel like an uphill struggle?
  2. You know you seem to be spending more money (ads, your team, software, etc.) than you’re bringing in.
  3. It feels like there should be a better way to know what the next right step is. Right now, you feel like you’re under water with no sense of where the surface is vs the bottom.
  4. The indecision is killing the love you have for the thing you actually are supposed to be doing.
  5. You’re adding people to your team in order to plug all the leaks and get things done. It just doesn’t seem to be working.
  6. You’ve been making decisions based on your gut instincts rather than hard data. Throwing money at the problem isn’t helping.
  7. Do you have data from your key performance indicators? Are you baffled by how to put those numbers into an order that can help you make sound business decisions — and a profit?

How Can Dashboards Help Your Business?

The most important thing dashboards can do for you is to give you a clear visual representation of what is working in your business and what is not.

The business intelligence (BI) that you get from your dashboard can pull you out of analysis paralysis.
No more knee-jerk reactions or guesswork. You’ll still make the occasional misstep (we all do!) but it won’t
be from lack of information.

You’ll be free to do the thing that makes you FABULOUS.
Working in your zone of genius instead of … well, hating your business a lot of the time.
Doesn’t that sound great?

Using a dashboard to monitor those RELEVANT KPIs can help you discover:

Leaks in your revenue
Where you need to spend more (or less!) money
Trends that can clue you in to changes in what’s selling well (and what isn’t!)

And it isn’t just about money…

If what you’re doing isn’t working for you,
it costs you peace of mind, time and wasted money and effort.

That’s a pretty high cost, don’t you think?

Knowing your numbers (and how to use them!) can save you time and money by
making sure that you’re using resources in the best way to grow your biz!

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