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Content Assets Audit

A Very Deep Dive Into Your Content

To fully claim your secret sauce and step out in it to help people transform their lives, first you have to identify it. Your content, in whatever format, published or not, can give really helpful clues about who your ideal client is (vs who you think they are or should be) as well as the things with which you want to help them. I’ve done many of these and helped women find new ways to use their existing content and have even found new paths for them to explore in terms of clients and niches.

This is the starting point for most of my new clients.

All About The Audit

A content assets audit is one of the most valuable tools you can have in your toolkit!

This deep dive can help with your marketing on social media, email, blogs, podcasts and so much more. You have so many gold nuggets that can be repurposed, saving you time, money and effort! I often find new directions for my clients to explore as well.

Beyond that, this high-level, in-depth research provides insights into your who, what, why and how. Sometimes we think we know, but our content says otherwise.

It’s not a disaster if you’ve been a little off track! It’s an opportunity to do some fine-tuning and make some course corrections in your business!

Thoughts On The Content Asset Audit

• What price would you put on finding your true north – the absolute right direction – in your work?

• How great is the value in having insight into months of content for marketing

• Would it be game-changing if you end up with new insights into your business direction?

Referred to as “gold nugget mining” in the early days, Diane Cunningham Ellis, Business Coach & Strategist, loved hers!
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The Content Assets Audit comes in two levels:

Mini Audit $459
30-minute call beforehand to discuss ideal client and goals
4 hours research
Report delivered in 5 business days
Optional strategy call afterward +$75

Audit Intensive $749
45-minute call beforehand to discuss ideal client and goals
6 hours on research
Report delivered in two business days
45-60 minute call afterward

Quarterly Content Assets Audits
1 Intensive $599, followed by 2 Mini Audits $299 ea.

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