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Digital Business Management

Business Management Services To Help You Do You

On my home page, I stated that I know you. And I do.

You are called to coach and counsel. It is your calling and your joy. If you could just do that, you’d be thrilled. But business requires more.

Marketing, operations, tech knowledge, hiring and managing a team even if that is just a contractor or two. There’s so much with so many moving parts. It consumes your client time, your family time, your faith time.

How is one person supposed to do it all?

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You Aren’t. I Can Help.

I have worked with many clients just like you. And if you’ve read my about page, then you know that I have a particular fondness for coaches and counselors and you know why. I want to help the helpers. That’s my calling.

I’ve developed my Deluxe Digital Business Management service specifically to help people like you.

Would these services help you to serve your clients and embrace your own life more fully?

Deluxe Digital Business Management Service
(limited to 4 additional clients)

Process Creation and Management to make things run more smoothly
Project Management (yes, that includes launches!)
Team Management to be sure that all tasks are being done on time, on budget and with the quality your brand requires
Metrics Management so that you know what’s working and what’s not – and can pivot accordingly. “What gets measured gets managed.” – Peter Drucker

Systems Recommendations, implementation and optimization so you’re not wasting time and money
Marketing and Sales Management including email marketing, social media, content management, planning and executing your marketing strategy
Strategy and Coaching Call bimonthly for planning and accountability
Voxer Support (with healthy boundaries) between meetings

A Little Client Love…

The Deluxe Digital Business Management Investment:

Project Management (Launches!)
Process Creation & Management
Team Management
Metrics Management & Reporting
Systems Management
Social Media, Email, and Content Marketing Management
Bimonthly Planning and Accountability Call
Voxer Support
6-Hour Response Time During Normal Business Hours

Starting at *$897 per month with 3-month minimum
Pay-In-Full 3 months 5% Discount
Pay-In-Full 6 months 10% Discount

* Packages are customized to suit your needs and priced accordingly.

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