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Services to Implement with Digital Business Management

Services We Can Help You Implement

No two coaches or counselors are in exactly the same place in their journey.
We provide a variety of standalone services as well as our deluxe digital business management service.

Business Management Services, Implement Your Plan

Business Management

Support Services To Free You To Do You

There are many moving pieces involved in running a business. Project management, operations management, team management – help! It is so easy to get under water with those that you don’t have time to do your thing anymore! Would you like to get some of your time back for family, friends and fun?

Content Assets Audit​

A Very Deep Dive Into Your Content

Your content, in whatever format, published or not, can give really helpful clues about who your ideal client is (vs who you think they are or should be) as well as the things you want to help them with. I’ve done many of these and helped women find new ways to use their existing content and have even found new paths for them to explore in terms of clients and niches.

marketing analysis, analytics, business metrics

Data Analytics and Dashboards​

Business Numbers Paint the Past, Present and Future

I know. Mostly, coaches and counselors are heart-driven and looking at numbers (metrics) around our marketing, our money, everything can be really intimidating. I’ve got you. Those numbers are like assessments you give to your clients. They’re just measuring something else. If you learn to “listen” to the numbers, you can start making more money, stop leaking money, and overall experience more success!

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Our Clients:​

Just a few of the clients I’m honored to serve

MomCave TV Jennifer Weedon Palazzo
Diane Cunningham, M.Ed.
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