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Mentors and Coaches

It’s Day 4 of my posts here at Brave Women Network and, nervous as I was, I’ll be a little sorry to see it end after tomorrow. Today let’s talk about mentors/coaches.

There are mentors and there are coaches and the terms are often used interchangeably although they’re not exactly the same. For this, let’s just say that we’re talking about someone who helps you start and/or scale your business.

Be very picky about the person you choose. Are his/her ethics and values in sync with your own? Has he/she accomplished that which you hope to? Are you given “homework” to do and held accountable to do it?

A list of credentials behind someone’s name looks really nice and impressive, but if that person hasn’t actually done the thing that you want to do, consider walking quickly away. If you want a quick start to your business, find someone who has done that with a similar business. If you want 6-figure years, find someone in your niche who has done that. If you want someone who understands entrepreneurship in the face of chronic illness or caregiving responsibilities, a “hustle” “bro marketer” type of mentor/coach probably isn’t going to help you; you’re better off to find someone who is running a successful business in the face of those obstacles.

This relationship will contribute to making or breaking your business as well as making or breaking your finances and your spirit. Don’t be afraid to pick a coach/mentor. Start by asking yourself what help you need. What your values are. And then be discerning as you go from there!

I did. It took me waaaay too long to commit with my coach (and I had kind of an icky coach before that), but having connected with Diane has made all the difference! Maybe she’s right for you. Maybe not. But there is a right one!

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