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Do It Scared

Good morning, brave women! I’m so happy that Diane is allowing me the privilege of posting here about some of what I’ve learned in the first year or so of business. I know a lot of you are scared to start (scared of failure? scared of success?) and I know it because I was, too.

Interesting fact (for me, at least): It’s still scary. Last summer my business pretty much dried up. I hadn’t been doing it long enough to know ahead of time that that would happen. And I thought the ride was over. At the holidays, I thought business would get quiet. I was crazy busy! It’s always something new.

There’s imposter syndrome (kick that thing in the behind, you know what you know and you almost certainly know what God is tugging at your heart for you to do). Not doing it is a waste of your talents and, let’s call it what it is, disobedient to God!

You’ll hit times when your business needs to grow — expand your offers, raise your prices, whatever your next step is. That’s terrifying. I’ve just changed up my offers and raised my prices and right now? Crickets. I’m telling you this because the fear is normal. But don’t live there! Trust in the process. Give it some time. If things stay stalled, revisit in a bit — not in 2 hours or 2 days.

In these times, invest in yourself. Can’t afford new courses or whatever? Truly, you might not need them. What you might need is quiet and peace and a chance to really look at what has been working, what hasn’t and how to best move forward.

Business growth is scary. So is personal growth. My friend says that entrepreneurship is one of the most intense personal development programs you can go through. So you really tackle both in one fell swoop. The really magnificent and miraculous thing is that we’re not in charge of either. God is the boss of us and of our businesses.

Rest in that. Trust in that.

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