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Data Analytics and Dashboards

What They Are and How They Can Change Your Business

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Data Analytics & Dashboards

How Data Can Direct Your Business

What if looking at your data doesn’t have to mean mind-numbing spreadsheets? What if you could see a visual representation of how your marketing is going. Is your website traffic where it needs to be? Is the bigger part of your revenue based on the services you most enjoy? How is your email marketing? There is so much you can learn from the hard data floating around your business! To many of us, ROT (return on our time) is every bit as important as ROI (return on investment!) After all, it is possible to make more money. You can’t create more time!

And if you could monitor those things in real time (you can!), you could immediately see how a launch is going, or an email marketing campaign, etc., and have the ability to pivot quickly… before you don’t meet your goals.

Here are the basics for dashboards. I’d love to get together with you and tell you more!

• You have to have a foundation and that’s the build package. It’s 4-6 weeks of intensive work on my part. Perhaps a little less if you’ve got a “money guy” for the financials. You’re kept in the loop throughout with 3 1:1 calls. Unfortunately, there’s no way to hop into the maintenance or mentorship options without first doing the build.

After the build, you have options!

• The maintenance package will keep you up to date on your business health with reports and email or Voxer support monthly.

• The mentorship package will give you everything in the maintenance package PLUS
Updates every Monday, Two strategy calls per month, Recap notes from each call.

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The Dashboard Offer

Grow Your Business By Making Data-Driven Decisions
No more guesswork or throwing spaghetti at the wall

The Build Package Comes First

• 4-6 Weeks
• 3 Calls
• Custom dashboard with the metrics that matter to move YOUR business forward
• 1 month-end review
• Discussion of next steps

2 payments of $669

Maintenance Package Option

• Month-end review including wins and watchouts
• Month-end reports
• Weekly Voxer or email support (with healthy boundaries)
• One monthly 1:1 call for strategy

$225 monthly
3-month minimum

Mentorship Package Option

• Everything in maintenance PLUS

• Monday updates on wins, watchouts, and changes
• Two 1:1 calls per month
• Recap notes from call

$599 monthly 6-month minimum or
$399 monthly 12-month minimum

You can monitor your business’ health on your schedule — from anywhere.

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