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Mindset and Motivation

Return on Time and How to Get It

Not Enough Time I talk with a lot of solo-practice coaches and counselors throughout the course of any given day. The single most common problem they talk about is not having enough time. Not enough time to see all the clients they’d like to. Never enough time to attend the kids’ Little League games. Not enough time to just sit and be. Just not enough time. You worry about not having the time to grow your business. You feel bad when you have to take the laptop on vacation or when you miss Susie sticking the perfect landing because you …

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I Think I Need A Business Coach

Have the words “I think I need some help with my business” run through your head at some point recently?  Thoughts That Indicate You Might Need Help Those words frequently roll through after some other thoughts (all real feelings as expressed by my clients) such as: A Business Coach Is A Therapist For My Business? Really? Maybe you could think of a business coach/strategist as kind of a therapist for your business. Your clients come to you when they’re muddled and confused and can’t seem to find a clear path to “better” or their definition of “success.” Or maybe they …

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Take Time To Review

Thank you again for having me, Diane, and you wonderful brave women! Today’s post/tip is for a time of reflection on your business — and can be applied to life goals as well. I like the idea of a quarterly review, but between you, me and the lamppost, that doesn’t typically happen. I’m currently doing my 2021 year in review! Re-examine what it is you want from your business and in what priority. Living your purpose? Increasing your income? Impacting causes or lives for good? How have you succeeded? How have you not? How could you do better? For this first year, I’m going …

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Mentors and Coaches

It’s Day 4 of my posts here at Brave Women Network and, nervous as I was, I’ll be a little sorry to see it end after tomorrow. Today let’s talk about mentors/coaches. There are mentors and there are coaches and the terms are often used interchangeably although they’re not exactly the same. For this, let’s just say that we’re talking about someone who helps you start and/or scale your business. Be very picky about the person you choose. Are his/her ethics and values in sync with your own? Has he/she accomplished that which you hope to? Are you given “homework” to do …

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Do It Scared

Good morning, brave women! I’m so happy that Diane is allowing me the privilege of posting here about some of what I’ve learned in the first year or so of business. I know a lot of you are scared to start (scared of failure? scared of success?) and I know it because I was, too. Interesting fact (for me, at least): It’s still scary. Last summer my business pretty much dried up. I hadn’t been doing it long enough to know ahead of time that that would happen. And I thought the ride was over. At the holidays, I thought business would get quiet. …

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