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Do It Scared

Good morning, brave women! I’m so happy that Diane is allowing me the privilege of posting here about some of what I’ve learned in the first year or so of business. I know a lot of you are scared to start (scared of failure? scared of success?) and I know it because I was, too. Interesting fact (for me, at least): It’s still scary. Last summer my business pretty much dried up. I hadn’t been doing it long enough to know ahead of time that that would happen. And I thought the ride was over. At the holidays, I thought business would get quiet. …

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Do You Have Shiny Object Syndrome?

Good morning, Brave Women Networkers! (This post was originally written as part of a takeover week in the Brave Women Network Facebook group.) Today’s topic is about “Shiny Object Syndrome.” Entrepreneurs — new and seasoned alike — often suffer from “shiny object syndrome,” a/k/a SOS. So do people who have specific goals in their personal lives! SOS is one of the most subtle ways of sabotaging yourself from reaching your goals. (Maybe there should be a 12-step program for that!) It happens when you get distracted from your chosen path by some tech, product, service, way of doing things that seems like it …

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To Begin, Begin

Beginning Hi! This is a 5-part series of posts about being brave enough to begin my business and the amazing first year! It originated from my coach, Diane Cunningham Ellis, on her private FB group, Brave Women Network. I’ve just finished my first year of business — and I have disabilities and chronic illnesses — so that’s mostly the kinds of things I chatted about. I’m a member of Diane’s Inspired Business Inner Circle, and I’ve been hanging around her for somewhere between 7-8 years. It took me until January 2021 to find my brave and to begin. I hope you …

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