I'm Glad You're Here!

I'm Shelby and I love to meet new friends.

Shelby B Ketchen, in front of bookcase

My title can vary: Online Business Manager, Digital Launch Strategist, Project Manager, Social Media Manager. What I REALLY aim to be is your BBF (Business Best Friend.)

My clients are helpers. I love that about them! They are helping other people with balance, bereavement, burnout, parenting, transition — just LIFE.

I help the helpers.

By helping you to manage your content, strategy, and evolution into the online space, I am privileged to:

→ Help helpers with their burnout.

→ Help helpers create balance in their own lives.

→ Help helpers increase their reach so that they’re doing more of what God has called them to.

→ Help helpers increase their income.

Does this sound good to you?

My Core Values

I’m a research nerd, a lover of people, and a lover of all the good things that can happen in virtual spaces.

Do you geek out on personality tests? I do!


Enneagram: 2w3 More recent testing by an Enneagram expert shows I’m a 9!

CliftonStrengths:  4 in relationships and 1 in strategizing

EOS: Integrator 97 Visionary 54

Are you a Visionary who needs an Integrator to put all the pieces together for you?

What My Clients Say

Wow!! It is hard to describe how much Shelby has helped me since I hired her. Everything from getting my content into MemberVault, behind the scenes on webinars and zooms, editing training modules and community building in my online havens. I love working with Shelby and have referred many of my clients to her already. She is fast, fun and focused!!
I have been an entrepreneur for 17 years and constantly evolving and reinventing myself. I have never felt comfortable with social media marketing (US Mail and direct referrals are in my comfort zone). Since I have been publishing books and creating courses, I needed to step up my marketing game. Shelby understands my disposition for privacy and she respectfully has created a social media platform (Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn) for my publishing and consulting business. Her attention to detail and understanding of marketing are amazing and beyond my skill set. I am so grateful for Shelby and her support. Initially, I signed up for gold digging and 3 months of marketing, but I hope she has availability to continue as part of my team in 2022!"
Shelby Ketchen is amazing! I can’t believe how quickly and efficiently she works ! Shelby gives great feedback and ideas. She is very reasonably priced as well. I highly recommend working with Shelby . You won’t be disappointed
"I hired Shelby to help me manage my business Facebook page. She took off with enthusiasm, helped me figure out the best times to post, and is now fully scheduling and managing the page pretty much on her own. She has given me peace of mind about this part of my business and has freed some of my time up to do other things. Shelby is also sweet, easy to work with, and has a great sense of humor!"
On her website, Shelby B. Ketchen states “being your business BFF is my calling”...and she excels at being an excellent business resource and an insightful and inspiring friend. She changed my business and my life. I believe she can change yours.
Sandra Garton Breech
Sandra Garton Breech, M.ED., LPC, RPT

My Journey (the highlights)

During my first marriage, as I served as my dying husband’s caregiver, I founded and ran a national medical transcription company for 15 years. That was an amazing first business to run! Prior to closing it after my husband’s death, the business had grown and I had subcontractors and did work for oncology centers around the country.

I grieved after I lost my husband — messily. That led to my discovery of coaching. I was hooked and earned triple certifications: foundational, grief, and relationship.  God meant me to have that training. I didn’t coach as I had intended; instead He has blessed me with the opportunity to help other women who are counselors and coaches as well as domestic violence organizations and churches. Around 2013-2014, I found Diane Cunningham Ellis and the rest, as they say, is history. In the meantime, I hung out my shingle as a website designer. The geek in me loved that, but it wasn’t connecting me to people. Relationships and connections are vital to me!

Following Diane eventually brought me to the business I love today.

Now I’m managing businesses and helping to facilitate growth for women counselors, coaches and consultants — women who are God-gifted purpose-driven helpers buried knee-deep in too-full schedules as they serve 1:1 in-person (or even virtual) clients. I help them pivot so that they can serve clients well and, at the same time, have some room in their own lives for freedom, fun and building financial security. 

With an entrepreneurial mindset and nearly 20 years of experience in running successful online businesses, I help counselors, coaches and consultants move into the online space to increase their reach, impact and income by managing all of the moving “bits and bobs” and keeping a watchful eye on the path to my clients’ goals. 

Random facts:  Jesus follower (which informs everything that I do,) remarried widow, mom to adults (how did that happen so fast?).

In the interests of full disclosure, I’m legally blind and I have lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia. I’m also fiercely determined to live my best life in spite of (maybe because of?) those things!

My husband and I live in a quaint little Florida town. We don’t have real pets, but we have a stuffed manatee, elephant, platypus and Saint Bernard that get into all kinds of mischief! Active imaginations and a sense of playfulness rule the roost in these parts! I’m a little quirky and kinda weird, but in good ways!