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About Shelby B Ketchen Digital Business Management - putting the puzzle pieces of your business together


We are on a mission to help you meet (and exceed!) your goals.

Who We Are

Hi, I’m Shelby! (Who else would be writing here, right?)
I’m going to share a little bit about me because you need to know to whom you’re entrusting the management of your digital business, but really? This page is about YOU, the overwhelmed coach and counselor.

Passionate About Serving Christian Coaches And Counselors

I work almost solely with Christian coaches and entrepreneurs because you guys are rockstars.
Each transformation you help someone to get, whether in their life, their business, or other area, impacts countless others.

It’s the miracle of math.

I know you.
I know that you have a drive to help people. It’s a clarion call deep within you. God has called you to make a difference and coaching, counseling or a combo is the way He has called you to do it. But you had no idea that there would be so many obstacles. You’re tired and you’re frustrated by the never-ending business-y details that your attention and have nothing to do with client work. You would rather be talking with “your people,” creating courses or other resources to help them. And then there’s free time (do you remember that?), family time, and self-care which always seem to take a back seat to the busywork.

My friends, it doesn’t have to be that way. I can help.

I’d like you to meet my team!

Meet Shelby's lean, but never mean, team

I am a solopreneur with no employees, but these women help me keep the train on the tracks. They’re rock stars and basically carried the business for me through March 2023, when I had my third bout of Covid.

Niki B is my team lead. She is gifted in many ways, but she is tremendously talented as a writer.

Kerry L is also multi-talented and she creates incredibly beautiful graphics for my clients’ social media.

Nichole is camera shy and we respect that. She is amazing with data analytics and kindness is her superpower.

Tami is another multi-talented woman with whom God has blessed me. She does many things, including funnels, and is the queen of organization!

Shelby B Ketchen, Digital Business Manager

Two-and-a-half years ago, a friend gave me a not-so-gentle nudge to stop hiding my gifts. It changed everything.

I owned a national medical transcription service for about 16 years. After my first husband died, I ended up closing the business because I still had kids to raise and, honestly, I had to do some counseling and some self-work. (another reason I love you guys!) I couldn’t not do anything, though, so I started building websites and such for churches and domestic violence groups. (Sorry, I don’t do websites anymore. But I know people who do!) In the meantime, I was following a fascinating woman, Diane Cunningham Ellis, who was a counselor-turned-coach. To be honest, she really took a won’t-take-no-for-an-answer attitude to me using my gifts to work and to help other women with their businesses. I’m forever grateful. She was a big part of changing my life. (Kind of like you do for people.)

Now… on to you.

Problems You Deal With:

  • Confusion about your offers and how to structure them in a way that makes sense (for you and your clients)
  • Offers that should have worked, but didn’t, and you really don’t understand what went wrong
  • Chaos around your schedule and your systems as your business grows and you can’t keep up
  • Your income and impact don’t seem to reflect the sacrifices you’re making in terms of your schedule, your family, your self-care

Solutions I Provide (because you can’t do it all!)

  • Coaching and strategy based on an extensive knowledge of your heart and content
  • Measuring marketing numbers as your launch moves forward so that you can pivot quickly as needed
  • Systems and operations audits, as well as judicious help from my team, helps to relieve the load
  • This is where a digital business manager can make the most impact because you don’t have to go it alone anymore

Kind Words

I am so grateful for the women with whom I work.

Jen Weedon Palazzo, MomCave TV

I hired Shelby to help me manage my business Facebook page and my blog.
She has given me peace of mind about this part of my business and has freed some of my time up to do other things. Shelby is also sweet, easy to work with, and has a great sense of humor!
Jennifer Weedon Palazzo, MomCave TV

A Little More About Me

You should probably know some of my weirdo quirks idiosyncrasies — nothing scary, I promise!

Just the Facts…

• I’m a geek/nerd (both!). I love research; it’s my favorite thing. If a question comes up, I have to look it up right then. I must know answers.

• I love Doctor Who (fantastic!), reading and have been known to read soup cans or cereal boxes.

• I’m a test geek.
Enneagram: 2w1
StrengthsFinder: Harmony, Empathy, Connectedness, Intellection, & Developer
High5: Empathizer, Thinker, Philomath, Believer, Coach

• I am a semicolon girl and I’m happy to talk about that with you if it’s relevant to your values. But it drives my desire to help you help others.

• I’ve owned my own businesses for over 20 years. I did pause for a bit after my first husband died; I still had kids to get through school.

• I’m kind of mildly OCD, which works out well for my clients!

• My favorite food? Depends. Mexican, pizza or Chinese.

And a few more…

• I recently moved to Lincoln, NE, and my FB is full of photos from my adventures. (I hope we can be friends there!)

• I’m a triple-certified coach and I also have certifications in social media, digital marketing, and SEO, as well as a new certification in digital dashboard design.

• I’m a caregiver by nature who can’t do that anymore.

• I’m a remarried (that hasn’t worked out so well) widow.

• I’m legally blind and have several chronic health issues.

• I never quit. Never, ever. (well, I did pause when covid knocked me down for over 3 weeks – another reason to have a team you trust)

• I have a disturbing-to-my-family love of shark and disaster movies but I also know every line to “You’ve Got Mail.”

• Music is my heart language. I pray, work, think, clean, cope, celebrate, and cry to music (even when it’s just in my head).

• Chocolate (especially dark) is never wrong.

Simple. Sustainable. Stormproof. Everything I do in my business, and yours, is with this bedrock in mind.

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