Established in 1963 - me, not the business!


I would love the chance to work with you and help you with your routine, behind-the scenes tasks so that you can get your courses, products and services online. Reach your clients. Earn an income! 



I bet you’d like to know something about the person to whom you might entrust your baby!

life stuff

I’m Shelby. Jesus follower, remarried widow, mom to two adults (how did that happen so fast?).

In the interests of full disclosure, I’m legally blind and I have lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia. I’m also fiercely determined to live my best life in spite of (maybe because of?) those things!

My husband and I live in a quaint little Florida town. We don’t have real pets, but we have a stuffed manatee, elephant, and Saint Bernard that get into all kinds of mischief! Active imaginations and a sense of playfulness rule the roost in these parts! I’m a little quirky and kinda weird, but in good ways!

Est. 2021 - the 411 on the business!



I’m certified in Digital Marketing and Social Media by HubSpot Academy. I’m a triple-certified coach (Christian Life Coach foundation with additional certifications in Relationships and Bereavement.) And I’m an experienced business owner. I ran a medical transcription business from 1996-2012.

my business

I’ve dabbled in web design since 1996, but it’s not my passion anymore. I started this business in January 2021, and I have to give a big shout-out to my friend and coach, Diane Cunningham Ellis, for pushing me out of my comfort zone. I started as a general VA (Virtual Assistant), but as I did more client work, I have found that the combination of tech VA/coach/business BFF/social media helper is where I best connect with my clients! I help my clients by

  • providing admin and tech tasks behind the scenes
  • providing Facebook scheduling and posting
  • setting up, adding course content & more on MemberVault
  • providing consulting services as needed
  • and so much more! I do love a teaching platform called MemberVault and support that as well. After all, getting the courses into your clients’ hands is what it’s all about.

the big questions

  • WHO: I serve female Christian coaches and creatives. I have a special affinity these women who pour out their experience, time and energy to impact other women.
  • WHAT: My primary service is being your business BFF by supporting you in every aspect of your business from conception to launch to follow-through and all the nitty-gritty in between
  • HOW: I have 3 featured packages that are quite popular. One size doesn’t fit all, though, so you can see all of my services on my EVERYTHING page.
    Because I care about truly meeting each client’s needs, I require that we have a no-obligation call so that I can truly understand your needs and be sure that we find a way to meet them.
  • WHY: This is the biggie. (Do you know the WHY for your business?) I love social media and recognize its ability to impact thoughts and circumstances, feelings and finances. There are people who used it for inappropriate purposes, but it has such power to be used for good. And why not help the people I admire and respect so much — you Christian coaches and creatives with your passion to change the world one person at a time — do good in the world? Helping people help others is my jam.


I really hope I’ll get a chance to talk with you. I’d love it if we get to work together. It would be even better if we end up being friends!



Helping Christian coaches and creatives impact and elevate women’s lives by increasing their audience engagement.


Empowering women to live fully into their strengths and giftings by removing some of the tasks that are not their strengths.