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Are You A Coach Or Counselor On The Edge of Burnout?

I’m a business consultant and project manager who helps coaches and counselors maximize their reach, impact, and income in order to maximize freedom in their schedules and finances.

My clients talk about how they love helping people and yet they are also beginning to resent their clients. There are more patients than you can help. You never see your family. Your own self-care is nearly non-existent. You’re afraid to look at your savings.

You help your clients get transformation. I can help you get yours.

Are You Facing These Challenges?

Not Enough Time For Clients

Your calendar is booked full. And yet you still can’t see (or even call) all of the clients who could benefit from your help.

Edge Of Burnout

You’re trying to be there for everyone — your clients, your family, your friends. You can’t keep it up. There has to be a better way.

Not Happy With Your Finances

Even with your overbooked client calendar, your finances aren’t adequate. You wonder if retirement is even in your future.

How I Can Help

Repurposing Your Existing Content.

This is an in-depth and intensive review of your content (video, audio, written, etc.) to pull out nuggets of gold that can help to influence a new direction or reinforce an existing one. We seldom recognize our own genius. These nuggets are also helpful for email and social media marketing.

Business Strategy & Implementation

Based on your goals for your online business, we will develop a strategy and implement the steps that are necessary to bring that strategy to fruition. This includes appropriate systems, content review and layout, marketing strategy, and branding as needed.

As someone who is legally blind, and who has lupus and RA,
I understand the importance of
solid strategy,
not wasting effort, and
pushing through obstacles.

Shelby B. Ketchen

Shelby B Ketchen

About Me

I’m a triple-certified coach with certifications in social media marketing and digital marketing.

More importantly, I’m your “business BFF.” I will come alongside you and walk with you as though your business is my own.  A client asked me recently if I would be considered her business partner. Absent financials and legalities, the answer is yes. I am invested in her success.

Are You Frustrated and Exhausted?

You have a successful 1:1 practice, but all you can see is:

  • A constantly booked-out calendar and not enough time to see all the clients who need your services.
  • The four walls of your office when you’d rather be home or outside or almost anywhere else.
  • All the family events you’re missing.
  • For all that work, you’re not sure there’s enough money in the bank for retirement.

Trade This:

For This:

Your Vision

What is your vision? Is it clear to you or are you having a hard time defining it? If you’ve read this far, I understand that you are frustrated and looking to make changes. Do you envision a bigger reach? Online courses? A book? Serving virtual groups rather than 1:1 in real life? I can help you sort it out. And then make it happen!

My Mission

My mission is to provide counselors and coaches with the strategy and tools they need to bring their practices into the online space in ways that allow them to serve their clients, but to also enrich the quality of their own lives. You’ve worked hard — let’s make it work for you!

Build a Practice That Works For You
Choose The Right First Step For You

Are We A Good Fit?

The best possible outcomes happen when we have a chance to talk in depth about your frustrations, your goals, and the gaps between them. Simply click the button to answer a few questions to help determine if we’re a good fit to work together on your project!

Gold Nugget Mining

For most clients the Gold Nugget Mine is the best first step. I will deep-dive into your content and develop a strategy for you moving forward based on what you already have. No need to reinvent the wheel! I’d love to get to know you and your business!

Project Management &
Digital Launches

Managing projects and digital launches is really just about understanding how the puzzle pieces fit together to best suit you (my client) and your clients. Course? Group program? Videos? Workbooks? A hybrid of some sort? Hint: That’s the usual answer. Want to DIY? I can provide the strategy and you can implement it. Launches can happen in days rather than months. Do you know what you want? Are you ready to get out of your way & get started?

Ongoing Strategy
KPI Dashboard/Maintenance

The work isn’t done when you launch. There are KPIs (key performance indicators) to monitor for trends and changes.  Strategies will need to be developed, often on the fly, to appropriately maximize upward trends and minimize downward ones. If you did your own launch, I can come in do the KPI analysis and develop strategy to help you keep moving forward. This service is provided monthly or quarterly depending on your business needs.

I want to see you living in your purpose and enjoying the fruits of your labor. Happier, healthier clients AND a happier and healthier YOU. My mission is to serve you well. 

"Shelby recently did a deep dive Gold Nugget Mining of my blog, social media accounts, newsletters, and shop. It was such a great experience!

Not only did she catch themes and threads of ideas I had been considering she also saw new ideas that I had never thought of before. Shelby's final report was a big help as I was in the middle of planning a new product line for my blog and publishing company.

Her thorough report helped identify new ways to repurpose content as well as old content that needed a refresh or update and republished. If you're feeling stuck or would love a fresh set of eyes on all the content you have created, I highly recommend this service!"
On her website, Shelby B. Ketchen states “being your business BFF is my calling”... and she excels at being an excellent business resource and an insightful and inspiring friend.

I often think of Shelby as the architect of this beautiful business reality.  The structure her talents and her heart have added to my dreams have freed me to, once again, focus on being the person God created me to be.  She changed my business and my life.  I believe she can change yours.

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