Christian Coaches and Creatives:

Would You Like To Finally:
Get Your Courses, Services and Products Online?
Start Effectively Reaching Your Audience?
Begin Earning An Income From Your Passion?

You can’t sell
— you can’t impact your clients —
until your courses or services are available!

Do you…

have a fear of tech?
lack the time to do it?
just have no interest in all the back-end details?

I help results-oriented coaches, writers and speakers
manage their time and tech
— conquer the crazy —
so they can do what they do best.

what you get from working with me

Aerial view of a man using computer laptop on wooden table

You get your products, courses and services launched! Impact for your audience, ripples into the world. Income! Sound good so far?

Less time spent. Less crazy-making.

More time working in the gifts God gave you.

I’ve shared testimonials from some of my clients below.  Just click the button to see more!

Hiring Shelby as a virtual assistant turned out to be a wise decision. She does a beautiful job of executing my projects exactly as instructed. I find her to be extremely diligent in her attention to detail. She completes my projects in record time and with no oversight needed. I feel truly blessed to have Shelby on my team. On top of all that, she’s a joy to work with. I highly recommend her!
One of the main areas Shelby does is helping me with Facebook posts. She has a great understanding of Facebook. Things I had no knowledge of. Shelby gathers the research and shares it with me, helping me to have a better understanding of how Facebook works and how it can be used to grow my business. I feel that Shelby also does a fantastic job of getting me and my business. Every post Shelby has posted has been right on with speaking to my audience. If you need help understand social media, Shelby is the gal for you.
Wow!! It is hard to describe how much Shelby has helped me since I hired her. Everything from getting my content into MemberVault, behind the scenes on webinars and zooms, editing training modules and community building in my online havens. I love working with Shelby and have referred many of my clients to her already. She is fast, fun and focused!!

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